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This competition is open to everyone in the world!

Locality HUNGARY- Budapest
Klauzal Gabor Community Center
XXII. Nagytétényi street 33.

Deadline for competitors: ........

Official Website of the International World Salsa Competition Hungary

This competition is open to everyone in the world,
for Dance lovers & Dancers & Dance Groups & Dance Schools

Do you love SALSA? Would you Like to Perform in Budapest?

Dear Participants, directors, choreographers, dancers, performing arts educators,
teachers, arts managers and dance/theatre lovers!

Salsa-weekend in Budapest? Yes, I can present my dance skills
as well as come to know new people... great!

Patron: Embassy of the Cuban Republic

We are happy to inform you about a perfect opportunity to judge your dance skills compared to other dancers from all over the world. Anyone at any level of dancing can enter the competition - the organizers do not think of determining who is a professional and who is an amateur.

Authentic Cuban Salsa, which you daily encounter in the dance school,
does not support a competition morale. Its goal is to give joy and happiness to dancers.

Accepted elements from different salsa styles
- Cuban Salsa / Casino Cubano
- Puerto Rico Salsa
- New York Salsa / mambo - clave
- L.A. Salsa
- South-American Salsa / Columbian origin
- Rueda de Casino / Cuban and Miami style
- Reggaeton/Urban Latino
- Bachata / classic and modern
- Son Cubano / classic, Orient
- Kizomba
/ Sensual

Standard (amateur) and professional in every category
1. Salsa Couple - LA style / standart and pofessional
2. Salsa Couple - Cuban style
/ standart and pofessional
3. Reggaeton / solo and group or team also
4. Bachata / solo and group or team also / standart and pofessional
5. Son Cubano
6. Kizomba
7. Freestyle/ - Show Dance / solo and couple
( any style- mix is allowed, eg.: samba etc...) z. B.: Samba usw.)

8. Freestyle/ - Show Dance / group
9. Rueda de casino


15:00 - Competidors regist

16:30 - Door Open

17:00 Part I.

--- Break

Part II.

--- Break

Part III. Award Ceremony
--- Gala program

(we reserve the right to change the program)

The organizers do not wish to differenciate among the popoular salsa styles.
We know dancers who perform a clearly recognizable Cuban Casino as
well as those ones who integrated many styles into their dance.
Also, we know of,dancers with a dominant basic style, coloured
up with other dance elements. The adjucators took all these into
consideration when deciding the assessment criteria.

Come to now us, discover Hungary and remember that salsa is something
that you cannot have enough of... the same form in hundreds of variations...
a Cuban dance performed by you becomes an erotic art of the body, the arms and the legs...

Registration fee
Registration fee in the case of more than 8 applicants/ danceschool: 8 EU/ person.

You must be present at 15.00 sharp on the day of the competition.

The adjucators -on your request- arrange you accomodation in a hostel at a reasonable price!

You are kindly welcome!
We are proud to introduce you to the Hungarian salsa community.
We hope you win the competiton and guarantee an extremely enjoyable day of the year!

Partners and participants dance schools

media support

media support

See You!

- Music, one girl and one boy altogether form a unity where harmony dominates. We will be looking for and evaluating this harmony at this competition as well.Hotel
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Ambassador of Cuban Republic

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